What friends say

As I conversed with an old friend the other night it reminded me of the entry I made just two hours prior. There was something that I had been missing. Now obviously the only way to go about finding out what it is I lost, is to learn what it is I don’t have anymore. So in order to do such things we do as said friend referred to as “revisiting the past.”

Now as I’ve said before, or rather implied I guess, “revisiting the past” is something I do on a frequent basis. It’s one of those things that can keep me going through my repetitive twelve hour work shift without becoming zombified.

While I’m quite aware that most people do tthis, I’ve come to the conclusion, although I could be completely wrong, that my friend is doing this for one of two reasons. One, said friend feels like they’re getting old and is desperately clinging on to the memories they have from their days of “youth.” Two, they are unhappy with their current state of affairs and are searching a way out by evaluating how certain decisions might have went provided they chose a different option at the time.

Granted I could very well be wrong in this assessment, but you win some you lose some

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