Bridges that grow longer

So it seems if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Murphy, you called it well. So, my number of friends is few. Most of them live in different states far beyond going out for a drink every now and then. The ones that are in this area can only be seen every other weekend thanks to my stupid work schedule.

Now with the resounding number five echoing deep in the recesses of my mind. I already feel it trying to crumble down to four. It’s not for sure as I hear it, but one of those five local friends might be moving away. I guess, in a way, my best friend. So I guess maybe I’m here tonight cause I’m bummed out a bit. It sucks to know that your best friend might be moving away as most people know.

I don’t know I guess maybe I shouldn’t be worried and then again maybe I should. I’m stuck with family out in the middle of nowhere and really only get out every other weekend and when I do, one of the few people I hang out with is leaving.

This takes me back to my all too believable idea that God hates me and is just trying to drive me insane.

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