August 23, 2017 zemation 0

My Contrary Opinion. I accept the fact that my opinions on the Warcraft movie are based on over a decade of playing. In that time, […]

Final Fantasy and it’s Class

February 4, 2017 zemation 0

The last installment of the series on the original Nintendo Entertainment System, Square needed to implement something to improve on their successful franchise.  Final Fantasy […]


December 31, 2016 zemation 0

Chloe: Lucifer Morningstar. Is that a stage name? Lucifer: God-given, I’m afraid. Tom Ellis stars as the Titular character, Lucifer, the Lord of Hell, who […]


November 26, 2016 zemation 0

A love story.  A redemption movie. (Cause something had to be done to make up for the rendition in Origins:Wolverine.  And thanks to popular demand, […]