Shadowblade Chronicle

Since the dawn of man it has been believed that Light and Dark are opposites and perhaps that’s true. But what needs to be acknowledged is that in between them lies shadow. Shadow is the child of both, and without one you cannot have the other.

Kahgei, elite commander in the imperial army, wielder of the legendary shadowblade, hunts down members of the rebellion.

Begins the trial of the Shadow, to descend into the Deep Dark to find the medallion of emblem of the goblin king.

As they find a monk named hodge, on a cliff, who fights until he passes out making him wonder why anybody would fight so hard. He had been brainwashed to believe that the emperor was good and the rebellion was evil.

As they take him prisoner they fall on the trail of an ex soldier who had been in charge of a group of rebels responsible for attacks against convoys and merchant trains.

When Kahgei calls off a pursuit, his second in command Shiito, turns on him, piercing him with his sword, taking the shadowblade and leaving him for dead.

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