Eighth Chapter – Hindsight 20/20

You may be wondering if there is more experience coming with that last post. There is a rule in the world of darkness that warrants extra points based on a player explaining what their character learned. For me.   I look back at all that and wonder when did I let myself down.   Where did I go the wrong direction.   I ended up at the right place in the wrong way.

It was college.   It was my choice at that time to go somewhere not for me.  I look at the time I threw away there.   Had I not gone at that time I would have stayed in computer repair.   What I would have done there would have been the most logical path for me to continue on.   At that time completion was getting our Comptia A+ Certificate showing our understanding and proficiency with computer hardware and windows operating systems.   For us the Network + could have actually provided me more knowledge in a few months than I got in the 12 years after. After that there were Microsoft MSCE or MSCE which would opened up more.

At the time there was also Edwards.  Edwards was proficient in Linux.  Something I’ve been working on for the last 5 or so years but really delving into now.   At college we really had little supervision.  While Jay gave us freedom he had a way of keeping you on task.  Maybe industry certifications don’t seem as good as a college degree.  But tech is a different world. At with how much I’m investing in learning now it’s hard to not imagine how the last 17 years could have gone different.

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