You now have the skills needed to administer servers and computers running the Linux Operating System.  However in this day in age these systems are networked.  The ability to configure and administer these networks is covered in the next level of the LPI certifcations, the LPIC 2.

This can include a lot more services than a standard Linux system.  It will be about network configuration, system configuration consistency throughout a network.  Setting up services such as DNS, or web services, file sharing or email.  And with network configuration comes basic security.   How will storage be configured on networks, what planning should be made based on network size.  This list goes on and this is the purpose of the next level of the LPIC.



While the LPIC one can show that you are competent on a machine, the LPIC 2 is where you will really show how you stand apart.  You will have the knowledge to be at the head of software roll outs, program, hardware and devices, network configuration and maintenance across a network of often similarly configured machines, but also, some servers that are custom for specific tasks.

While the above is an overview of the course objectives presented from the Linux Professional Institute, how can you get the more in-depth knowledge that can help you reach success. There are subscription services which provide video training from Linux professionals.

Linux Academy — High quality Linux & cloud training for teams & individuals.


CBT Nuggets — Comprehensive online IT video training for system admins, DevOps, network engineers, developers, and more. Watch videos on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.



Sometimes these subscription services can be pricey, depending on your income. Sometimes you may just need a book that you can read and follow along with your own virtual machine installation of Linux and your preferred distribution

LPIC-2 Linux Professional Institute Certification Study Guide by Smith, Roderick W

LPIC-2 Cert Guide 1st Edition by William Rothwell

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