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If you are new to Linux, or even new to computers, Linux can seem like a very daunting undertaking. Windows has dominated the market and it’s icon driven interface of point and click has dominated the user experience. Linux is a lot different and in many ways, derives its power from the command line.

If you are new to Linux however, fear not. A lifetime certification is available to help you insert yourself into this new world. Linux has many uses for many different fields. Whether its used for 3d animation with blender or photo editing with gimp to a LAMP server hosting websites its powerful and flexible. To introduce you to the basic fundamentals there is the Linux Essentials Certification. Following are the Objectives of the Linux Essentials Certifications test and things you will need to know in order to prepare for the exam. This site is not meant to act as a certification preparation, but to point you to the resources that can help you achieve success.

Let’s start with the source. The Linux Essentials Certification is a lifetime certification offered by the Linux Professional Institute. The following link will take you to their site in order to view a summary of the individual topics and their exam weight.

While the above is an overview of the course objectives presented from the Linux Professional Institute, how can you get the more in-depth knowledge that can help you reach success. There are subscription services which provide video training from Linux professionals.

Linux Academy — High quality Linux & cloud training for teams & individuals.

CBT Nuggets — Comprehensive online IT video training for system admins, DevOps, network engineers, developers, and more. Watch videos on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Sometimes these subscription services can be pricey, depending on your income. Sometimes you may just need a book that you can read and follow along with your own virtual machine installation of Linux and your preferred distribution.

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