Second Chapter – New Scene

What I took away from retail sales is little.  It wasn’t important for me to know any one of the many things I don’t remember learning. It was about the people that I would meet. One who I don’t hear from anymore but at one time had become my best friend.  One that was my roommate as well as in my orientation class.  One who parodied Robb Zombie with lyrics I too this day quote with the song to catch others off guard. “Who is this creature with an insatiable love for nuts: living dead squirrel.” One that for a brief time would be by girlfriend down the road.

I realize I likely didnt take business clerical due to my high school experience with it at votech. Retail was said to be easy too.  I didn’t care about the folder plans they had.  I didn’t care about things on the computer or the mock interviews.  I didn’t care how to dress a mannequin or how to work a cash register.  I didn’t care about donut programs or weekly social skills. I just didn’t care.  At one point I remember wanting to transfer to business clerical but I would have to start from that programs beginning.

Where my luck turned around was another friend from my orientation class.  He had constantly been the one to talk to and at the time, to bum a smoke. I talked to him about going into computer repair and he gave me a nudge in the right direction.  By this point I had learned I only needed partial completion, or what they referred to as A complete, which I almost was. This friend invited me to hang out hang out in Salt Lake City.  I remember walking back from downtown Salt Lake to the hospitality center singing time warp amongst others the whole way.  One of those on the walk, not only were they are computer ferret (explain later), not only a neighbor in room 7,  would be, til this day one of my most trusted friends.

Then there was the break.  After sixth months I had earned a week or so vacation. I flew home,  don’t even remember what happened in that time anymore.   I was more excited to get back to my new life.  To my new friends.  I remember training to one friend from home.  I have him on my Facebook like so many people from before in my life,  that we never talk.  But my new friends, well they had dice. Dice and stories in a world of darkness and a galaxy far far away. And they all were in computer repair and when I got back, I would begin my shadowing as a ferret.

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