First Chapter – New Book

K dorm.  Room 5.  Home.  Three roommates to share our space.   Strangers in a strange place.  I was dropped off with a few others at the dorms back doors.  Me and another that were just off the plane were assigned to the same room with two others.  It was late at this point.  Almost midnight.  The next day was six hours away.  Sleep.

5:45. Lights on.  Check in with morning RA by 6:15. Shower. Get dressed. Secure locker.  Make bed. Go outside. Smoke. Go to breakfast. Eat. Go to first day of orientation. No more cousins. No more family. No more Missouri. Familiar gone. The first few days were all acclimation, socialization and discovery.  Policies. Procedures. Drug tests. Touring the grounds.

It was an easy week because the second was work.  Work to weed out those who weren’t serious. Never underestimate somebody who works in the back of a cafeteria for eight hours a day.  Trays, plates and cups needing cleaned for a campus population above one thousand. You’d be surprised however how many are lost.from the number getting off the plane the one Tuesday and the number left the following Friday.  I remember there being three weeks of orientation but for the life of me I can’t remember the third week.  Only that by the fourth I was in a trade class.  It wasn’t what I wanted.  It was retail sales.  It was a prerequisite as computer repair wasn’t just for anybody.  It was a tool to quickly get where I wanted,  but it wasn’t all for nothing.

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