Junior high and the real start of adolescence new, puberty and that increase in testosterone from those who like to torment you in elementary as well as those in high school that had already succumbed to the rage of dominance.  It wasn’t just the nerdiness that prevented me from fitting in, it was the fact that I had a good mother that taught me not to be a dick.

But I know it was also that I was a bit of a coward and in many ways still am, but on a whole different place on the spectrum.  I was also not from the richest family, living off a purely basic income.  Napoleon wasn’t bad as most of those that made life miserable by tormenting me for no particular reason other than I didn’t fit in.  Often being told it was for being gay even though I wasn’t, which is where I sometimes get told me being straight was a privilege.  When high school told me different.

I tried to make the best of it and the closer we got to graduation the less a problem it became. In the meantime I did find something I was good at even though I don’t feel my skills developed as they could have at the time.  Three years on the school yearbook and two of them as computer editor putting me down my future path and one as editor.

Outside of school is where I started down another path.  Being avid gamers we set out to write a story that was intended to become the backbone of our own game. The idea that was the Legend of the Sacred Sword was born and would be instrumental to a passion I try to focus on in a book series I think about minor details everyday of my life.

The summer after graduation was a great retreat.  I spent it with my cousin whom at that point was probably one of my closest friends and even a brother.  It was a summer of movies, star fox, goldeneye and the Monday Night Wars.  After that summer though is where my life would change.  Bring from a lower income household college wasn’t an option and lacking transportation a job was just as difficult. One option I had was one a cousin took.  Job corps is a trade school ran at the time by MTC and funded by the government so on September 13 1998 I caught a plane to Clearfield UT.

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