Echo of Aether – Vidicous Korinon

Vidicous Korinon is the protagonist of fantasy-fiction work in progress Seeds of Aether.  An air of mystery forever rest with Vidicous Korinon.  Adopted at a young age, his step parents refuse to give information on his true heritage, only that he was adopted in a sense.

His true place of birth is not known.  He was raised by his adoptive mother Sarin Laphwin and her husband Dar M’Gil in the river city Lyonz in the nation of Moraten on the Western Continent sitting on the River Caern.  He grew up running around the common room of the Golden Mane, Dar’s inn in Lyonz.  His real parents and family are unknown to all but his adoptive mother who refuses to discuss it.

As an infant and toddler he shared a room in the Golden Mane inn with his adoptive mother.  She proved she had a knack for more than cleaning tables, and helped Dar M’Gil manage finances.  As they grew closer, she accepted a marriage proposal and he took over their shared room.

Lyonz has been strongly influenced by the church of the holy light and many of it’s citizens often worship which is where he first met his life long clumsy friend Devon Talroon.

As Vidicous become older, Dar put him to work in the stables, learning from Pado, the man who had worked the in since Dar’s grandfather.  He learned quite a lot about caring for horses and found an affinity for them and by fifteen he was taken on at the Bran Ranch to help there.

While he knew her from worship at the cathedral, he found a sisterly friendship grow from the ranchers daughter, Keira.

At 15, he followed in the footsteps of the Tyre Danzell Callus, a friend and semi older brother who helped look after Devon growing up when his mother took ill.  After a couple years he found himself at odds with Captain Aletar Radchek and after Devon left the guard and became a cleric in training, Vidicous took to becoming a ranger, patrolling the outlying forest and mountainsides learning much from his fellow patrolmen Jeb.



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