Life, the Universe and….

Recently I shared the following picture through Facebook.  It was unappreciated by one of the last people I expected and brought us to a debate on the origins of life.  The problem was the picture, in my mind wasn’t about the actual idea if the universe was created in a big bang and evolution or if it was the master blueprint of an all powerful being.
It was never about saying there is no God.  The problem that I have, is what I see as ridiculous claims of

the bible and many other religions.  What makes it worse isn’t even the doctrine itself but the way its followers pick and choose what they want to believe as it benefits them.  In some cases the bible should be taken literally and in other cases its parables in which we are to learn ways to live our life.

What it has come down to for me is I don’t know how life and the universe came from.  My life is a spiritual journey and  I hope by the time it’s over I have found the answers.  If not, perhaps there will be an after life to shed light on the purpose of it all.  If there is a supreme being I expect that when that time comes he will know I have tried my hardest to live a good life and be the best person I can be.  Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, has been proven about the truth of life and the universe.
It’s commonly said that without god there would be no morality which is one of those beliefs I have come to  think is one of the most selfish beliefs out there.  Why is it possible that men and woman are able to reach morality with religion but not without.  I don’t understand how we can live in a time where those who don’t believe live more ‘devout’ lives than practitioners do and justify this this line of thinking.  Or how many books of the bible justify stoning women, endorses slavery and seems likely a prehistoric grimms fairy tail.  I also see no reason that any God that did exist would set forth any scripture other than the basics.  Eating meat on a friday seems like something an all powerful being wouldn’t be petty enough to enforce or even set into rules to live by.
Nor do I think any would be omnipresence would ever justify murder because of disagreements on the deeper meaning of parables or even because of a different belief in his existence.   Killing infidels, crusading against other religions and so many other things seem like they would be unimportant to a bing that created so many stars and planets and galaxies in the universe.   Throughout all of it out little old planet being the only one we know of that supports life and has billions of lifeforms all working in balance.
Now, lets think about something for a moment.  Say there was no God, and the universe started with a big bang.  It has been said that many of the fundamental aspects to justify the big bang rest on things like dark matter, which we have never witnessed.  I’m not claiming anything is true and I question everything, but the questions I seek are ones that don’t make sense.  When Bill Nye debated Ken Hamm it was clear at the end though that Ken was the underdog.   Bill Nye has become an outspoken front runner in support of science and observable life.
Let’s be honest though.  We know that the beginning of life is not proven in any manner.    If there is one thing that has been proven it is that humankind is a partial failure.  Turn on the news, scroll through your social media feed, watch TV.  We have become obsessed with the shortcomings of others and fail to see our own.  Narcotics, alcohol, prescriptions and so many other things we use to kill the pain of living.
We don’t have equality and we have racism and sexism, homophobia and religion, where so many people are discriminated against because they aren’t like us, when the fundamentally wonderful aspect of human kind is our diversity.  It’s time we start focusing on ourselves and what we can do to bring humanity together and less about others and keep in mind only the certain fundamentals.  Be Excellent to Each Other.

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