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A lot of time has been spent touring the many lands of Azeroth.

What started as the tiny story of a young mage "rehabilitating" with a mercenary guild of the Argent Dawn has spanned 10 expansions and flourished into a story of a leader and wielder of arcane power.

There has been a lot of fan-fiction based sketched out around Ahliarin and my other characters. Also many have been generated with AI Art which will be added at some point. Below you can at least see Ahliarin and a bit of here story through the game and it's expansions.

Archmage Ahliarin Nepharin

Ahliarin Nepharin has in a way become my muse. Anytime I've felt like I couldn't write I could always put something on paper around her. Even if just a few paragraphs. Her story is the driving force that guides the Serpents of Dawn and that family is the most important thing to her. Since the Battle for Azeroth not many doubt her drive for vengeance on those that may harm them.

The following clickable panels will take you on an brief summary of her adventures since Vanilla WoW.


In a world threatened by dark forces and hidden conspiracies, Ahliarin, a young woman with a past, finds herself a new member of the Serpents of Dawn, mercenary guild, she embarking on a perilous journey to rescue a kidnapped priest and unravel Ahliarin's role shrouded in uncertainty.

World of Warcraft

Serpents in the Grass

A Draenei shaman has a vision that takes the Serpents of Dawn through the dark portal in the pursuit of one of their ex members who has been twisted by the scourge.

As they traverse the broken lands of outland they learn more about the enigmatic dark figure known only as Eligos.

The Burning Crusade

Mist of the Scourge

Darkness has awoken in the frosty continent of Northrend. Ahliarin has taken over the command of the Serpents of Dawn and has been commissioned by Varian Wrynn to take a ship assist a matter for the newly formed Argent Crusade. Her past comes back to haunt her in regards to the Scarlet Crusade.

Wrath of the Lich King

Dreams of a Memory

After a world shattering nightmare in which Ahliarin loses her team she receives a mysterious package.

The journey to find the sender leads her down a road of treachery and despair.


The Path of Shaohao

After the fallout of the Cataclysm Ahliarin takes a back seat to the journey of the serpents into pandaria led by Logaisl, her 2nd in command.

Meanwhile she seems to follow in the footsteps of Shaohao where she is accompanied by an unlikely and unwelcome companion.

Mists of Pandaria

Shadows of the Past

A time before the first dark portal opened has been breached in time. Dark forces stir.

Answers that were once thought lost have risen again in this alternate timeline of the Iron Horde.

Warlords of Draenor

Rise of the Archmage

The Legion has come to Azeroth and with it the promise of revenge.

The Eredar Eligos has been freed from his prison and has sought what he believes is his. Her soul.


Blood and Veangeance

The Legion is gone, the sword of the dark titan left in a gaping wound in silithus but war is on the horizon.

After one of their own is betrayed and burdered by a once trusted group of travelers the fury of that betrayal burns across the lands as Ahliarin seeks her revenge upon them.

Battle for Azeroth

In the Valley of Death

New terrors await as secrets are uncovered in the lands of shadow.

The Serpents of Dawn have been asked on a mission of sorts.


Heart of the Dragons

The serpents have been commissioned to investigate activities of chaotic time energies across the dragon isles.

Accompanied by an Evoker they search for the source of this lingering darkness.


Echo of Aether

Primary character

Primary character

Primary character