The Digital Revolution

A friend whom I admire for her ability to not only articulate her words, but also keep a tone that is inherent to what she’s writing and appears to accurately reflect her attitude once begged the question, “Have you ever wanted to change the world, Really change it?” That’s mostly a paraphrase because for the life of me I can’t seem to locate the blog that asked the question.

Perhaps you’ve read her stuff.  Nilesta has posted far longer then I, and each time I’ve read any of them I get a certain concept of how I wish I could be as open with the words I write.   Usually I get some sort of flustered or lost in the words and tend to give up.  I can’t say for certain her writing process but what I can say is that in the end at least hers is finished and usually a damn good reading.

Anyways we live in a world where that question is a relatively important one and I think if your answer is yes then you should know something.  You have that power.  You have it more then you ever had.  You have the ability to place your opinions on the World Wide Web to be viewed the world over.  Myspace, Livejournal, Web Forums, News sites, Chat room and so many other different venues in which you can use the voice you have.  I can’t say that every way or any way for that matter is effective.  All I can say is try.  You have the world at your fingertips literally and only you can use it.

A problem I have noticed is we want to address the world at once.  We want to sit down with the powers that be.  For my position I don’t see that in the immediate future.  So I post my opinions on the internet.  I figure if what I have to say is as important to everybody else as it is to me it will spread.  The more in spreads the better and maybe sooner or later I can get to a place where what I think is counted among the politicians who have the money to pay to make their voice heard.  Thats fine.  My point still stands, you have a voice use it.  Step away from both tradition and biased media and express yourself to the world.

Join the Digital Revolution.  We are listening.

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