Serpents of Dawn Origins

Kilazar, the Leader of the Serpents of Dawn, fought in the last war against the Burning Legion. As the final battle ended, he was believed to be lost. Darkness reached into the very corners of his mind as the pain from his wounds began to overtake him. Finally, as he himself began to believe he would die, a few members of the newly formed Argent Dawn realized he was still alive and took them into their care.While he recovered in their care, the Argent Dawn spoke of their mission to safeguard Azeroth from another incursion of the Burning Legion and the plague known as the Scourge. The Argent Dawn offered him a commission and position within their ranks due to his reputation as both a daring scout and cunning assassin during the most recent war. He accepted the commission and was placed in a special unit of other like-minded individuals, whose task was to roam the world, gathering information in regards to any word of the Burning Legion. They were also charged with eliminating certain targets that the Argent Dawn considered a threat to Azeroth.

Shortly after their official commission with the Argent Dawn, Kilazar and his team were given orders to seek out and vanquish a powerful Scourge Necromancer. Tracking the abomination back to its lair was an easy task, but vanquishing it cost them several of their own. As the fight began and chaos overtook them, the Necromancer turned one of their own, a Warlock. The Unholy Magic that Messaner wielded was the same magic that sealed his fate; once turned he began lashing out at his former friends. Fire rained from the skies as the battle with the Necromancer raged on; so concentrated on their efforts to kill the Necromancer, Messaner was never noticed until it was too late. As Kilazar struck the final blow, shattering the Necromancer”s corrupted soul, the now-turned Warlock fled, leaving behind the scorched and diseased corpses of many of the group. Out of the ten members, only three survived the attack upon the Necromancer, and the corruption of their friend.

Though their mission against the Necromancer was a bitter-sweet success, the remaining three returned to the Argent Dawn to report on the Necromancer’s demise, and to leave their commissions and one of the Necromancers minions, Ahliarin now freed from his control, in order to hunt down their former friend. Seeking him out, they discovered that Messaner had somehow managed to establish contact with the Burning Legion directly, and was now attempting to amass an army to do their bidding.

With this knowledge in hand, Kilazar approached the Argent Dawn and asked for their sanction to form a mercenary group that would act as a self sufficient arm of the Argent Dawn under his command. This mercenary unit would use information given to them by the Argent Dawn to further their hunt against this newly created menace.
After receiving their sanction he approached Shanor and Telladi, the only other surviving members of the group originally sent to kill Messaner. After informing them of his idea the three of them decided to take matters into their own hands.

Led by Kilazar, Telladi and Shanor, the mercenaries would strike at Messaner’s forces seemingly out of nowhere like snakes hidden in the grass, eventually earning the nickname of the Serpents from their enemies. Word got around among the few Argent Dawn who knew that the mercenary unit was working towards their goals, and eventually these members of the AD started referring to Kilazar’s Mercenaries as the Serpents of Dawn. Although the roster has changed, the missions have not.

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