Doors of Perception
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Personal Reflection

Digital DNA is my place for more personal thoughts and ideas. Introspection and self reflection. A Youtube show where I just try to engage some of those different thoughts and ideas about myself and my life.

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Binary PEN
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Creative Writing

At heart I'm a writer. Currently I'm working on a fantasy novel series, but also have other works and ideas or short stories that have come from putting pad to pencil.

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Peace of Mind

Currently in Development, notes and outlines are currently being produced to give a guideline to follow for each show and subsequent shows. Episode 1: Endgame is slated to be released summer 2019.

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Reflections of an American Bastard

The more serious side of conversations about the news and the world around me. Controversial opinions, common sense and a wave of pissed of people in general.

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What the Nexus Is

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They are my Nexus.

Read their short summary or feel free to follow the link and engage in unique content.

"Nexus: noun - A connection or series of connections linking two or more things."