Lighting the sky like the fourth of July

I remember as a kid being excited about fireworks and not being able to wait for the fourth. I mean what kid doesn’t want to blow stuff up. Like everything else we couldn’t wait for as a kid, we let slide by as we age, not caring, not interested, we just shrug and move on.

Maybe this rant is just because i’m tired, but so be it. I look at life from a very different perspective then I did only 4 years ago, let alone 6. Slowly over time, our interest become different based on the cultures standard of what we should be interested in and whats for adults and whats for children. In that though, letting go of the things we cared about as a child, we lose a very big part of ourself.

I wanna grow, I wanna find new and interesting things to experience but I don’t want to lose interest in the things that for even the one night, could make me overjoyed.

So since this year is halfway over, I’m already making a resolution for next year.

On Valentines day, even if its one, I plan to give somebody, anybody, a Valentines card. Just like when I was 10.

On easter I’m gonna participate in the egg hunt. I don’t care what I get, just that i find at least one egg.

On Independence Day I’m gonna light up the sky like the sun in the middle of the night. And not on the eve. The morning I’m gonna wake the neighbors with the thunderous Boom of Rainbow colored skys.

I’m gonna dress up for Halloween and trick or treat even if i only get one piece of candy.

I’m gonna gorge myself on Thanksgiving like we’ve always done and always will.

On Christmas I’m gonna go to a mall and tell Santa Claus that all I want for Christmans is the Turtle Van that I played with oh so many times as a child.

and i’m gonna go into it and out of it like a carefree adult, drunken to a stupor where thinking straight is a challenge and requires 3 hours of focus to know i’m still alive, where walking is only possible to make it to the bathroom where I focus on that 3 hours while i’m returning the liquor the same way i took it.

So I pledge to you, do the same or something similar, spend 05 remembering all those childhood fancies, and if you didn’t experience it then, better late then never.

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