I’m a million different things, not one you know!!!

When I first signed up for this I wasn’t really sure what I would say. How could you know what your gonna say when thousands if not more are gonna hear it. So my first entry more then a month ago was more of a shooting from the hip off the wall idea. No, I really don’t plan to run for president although I do think I could qualify just as much as current one or his contenders for the World Heavy Weight Title. I honesty can’t say why that is but some things you can’t.

Anyways, moving along I guess I’ve decided I want this to be a little more. I guess in order to do that this time i’ll just bring you up to speed. I guess I could be classified as a mid 20 white male college dropout. Now the college dropout part might sound bad but it was more of a circumstantial thing then anything else.

Now I call myself I writer. Really thats what I’d like to be but to make the bills I work in a foam cup factory. Sound interesting. No? Thats cause its not I have this story inside that is trying to come out but when it comes to paper or keyboard the words will not form. This story has come to be one of the driving forces in my life right now but i’m always getting stuck. Its more then likely HOW I write more then what it is that i’m writing. My problem is that I can’t see the whole story but it comes out in bits and pieces and I have trouble tying two great scenes together.

I figure I may be shooting for too much but when it comes to stuff i’ve invested so much time in I take pride in it. It’s something that I’ve done, my creation. For example, although my website is slightly behind the times and rarely updated just the fact that its there and I’m the one who coded it and but all the work into it, it brings me a certain level of pride.

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