Linux Academy

Linux Academy is the foremost online Linux and cloud training platform and community.

The Linux Academy was founded on the belief that providing high-quality, in-depth training should be available at an affordable price. We’re industry leaders in quality training, provided services, and student certification passes. Our goal is to change lives by teaching Linux and cloud technology to the tens of thousands of students that learn at the Linux Academy.

Now that they have told you about themselves with the above, allow me a moment to tell you about my experience with them.  I started with their training a while ago, but it wasn’t until updating this that I realized how long ago that I initially started.  My first paid month was Aug of 2015.  So I have been dependent on their resources for some time and even in that time, have watched them grow, especially over the last year.

For a site called Linux Academy though, you get so much more: Linux, DevOps, Cloud, Security, Containers, OpenStack, Big Data, AWS, GCP, Azure and even still more.  There are one of courses to cover small topics, and full fledged courses geared towards certifications and training paths, to give a road to follow through the different levels of knowledge.

While I have a personal account that has had almost 40 of these courses completed, I have a work account in which I am currently using to keep focus on a specific path as well.   The personal account currently has 30 certificates of completion of things I have learned.  My work account, being relatively knew has 5 Certificates of Completion, and one course at 99%.(I’m studying for the Solutions Architect exam and the overall course is huge so I’m taking my time.).

Aside from the Training aspects of things, they offer on-demand Virtual Machines.  While there are limitations to them in size, they are invaluable for their learning potential.  At the time of this writing they have renamed this feature Playgrounds and allow up to 9 individual virtual instances at any given time.  While these are meant for learning purposes, and will shut off with non-use and after around a month auto-delete, they offer the ability to create pre-configured linux instances, for different subjects from Linux to Chef to Nagios to Docker to Kubernetes.  As well as, also at the time of this writing, they currently have a playground for the AWS Virtual Console with plans for Google Cloud and Azure to come.  This helps you avoid any possible fees from the AWS service if you were to pass their free limits.

You can use these servers to create your own kubernetes clusters, and using automation tools to role out changes in your own mini data-center environment.

If you have questions, or problems, the staff so far has always been excellent and responding and engaging in their community section and through social media.

We however want you to go there and get a feel for what they offer and so do they, and you can get the first week free.  Or talk to your company and see if they are interested in getting team accounts.  There is still a Free Plan with Limited access.

Finally, a list of some of the courses I have completed in my time on their site.

Cloud Essentials
DevOps Essentials
AWS Essentials

Linux Essentials
LPIC – 1
Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator
Mastering the Command Line
The System Administrator’s Guide to Bash Scripting

Python 3 for System Administrators

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