Chapter 14 – POST

For those not familiar with the computer industry nomenclature, this is the Power On Self Test. It is the process that happens immediately after a system is turned on. To an extent, uprooting my life, moving to california and getting a new start in my chosen field at the time, “I rebooted my life, due to an existential runtime error.” I got a few months to adjust to the new life, checking the various subsystems and starting necessary day to day applications.

I spent the most of my days, working on computers in a very simple yet effective workshop while the owner did whatever he did and the lead technician would go into the field, only occasionally joining him as needed. The owner, I would come to find, was an oddity in the computer world, actually having stated that he believed Windows ME, was the best product ever put out by Microsoft. To this day, I can’t fathom the basis of that belief in a world where we were running better built NTFS XP and Windows Server systems.

There was a certain perception at the time that the owner was less interested in the business and that certain things were being ignored. At this time a San Jose based company was looking into expanding and they were looking to recruit our lead tech, who was looking to have me come along to assist. Due to the fore mentioned perceptions, I went for the small pay raise. While the next year was spent in a certain level of preoccupation of other areas of my life.

It would be a year that I once again allowed myself to be under payed and over utilized in a situation in which my boss made around three times as much as me even though I had taken on more responsibilities with this move. A year later, to the day I went back to the previous job, taking more a slight pay raise, more field work, the company van. It was more than just that. In my first experience with what one could theft, I chose to move back to the original company. Even with the information of a file of their customer data had been taken, they chose to stop pursuing a lawsuit.

In the end, for me it didn’t matter anyway. While I was happy to go back to their new shop and work with them again, priorities were changing and a couple months later California, like Missouri before it, would be in the rearview. It was already expensive, my car that at one time was easier for a single guy with no responsibilities, was now more of a burden, with a girlfriend and my first born to take care of.

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