C Programming

With a long history, C programming can be found in a wide variety of technologies.  Originally developed in Bell Labs in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  Many programs and video games have C at their core.  You can find the opensource code for linux on git hub with all of its c files.

This is a journey I have started on even if its relatively later in life than I would have liked.  I have started this journey through edx.org and cs50 provided by the enthusiastic people of Harvard University.  So while they may never see this, and I’m still learning, thank you: Harvard, David J. Malan and all cs50 staff.

We have the introduction video up over on Youtube, its’ made to get you in the right direction for an IDE.  Whether you want to use code blocks, atom.io, eclipse or c9.io, its important to have something that makes the process easier and more streamlined.   The course will slowly come together as I have time to record but as we do we can’t help but encourage you to use the recommended readings below or even head over to edx.org and enroll in the Harvard CS50 course.

Recommended Reading:

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