Appendix A – Identity

If you have read the about section of this website you know that the spirit of its content is constantly in flux.   That has been a disservice to myself and while I have backups of previous content to some degree, even today, I still don’t really know about the future.  I’m happy with the reflection posts that I have done and hope to continue those up until the point where they are current.  There are things to cover like jobs at home, intro to Diablo 2, 24 hour days, getting my own place and then the day I quit and decided to move out west.

I find my mind is constantly racing with thoughts and ideas for learning, teaching, writing and more.  Even for this blog.  Which in the long run, makes me disappointed in the rate of update to the content itself.  I know I stretch myself too thin, and that has been something that while I feel like I’ve gotten a handle on it, for a long time has gotten worse the older I get.  Having all these stories, or even if I considered this site to be the leaving behind my own “legacy”, its a matter of feeling like I’m running out of time to make completion on any one project.

You can find an article in the Seeds of Aether category that explains what the story is to me, but its not the only part of my ‘identity’ only one.  With all the time I have spent role playing, and then making the jump to MMO, and all the time I have spent on Azeroth.  I have the outline of several stories, and almost completion of one centering around my Mage and her work in a mercenary guild.  I have a space novel i am outlining that is coming together slowly.   All of these stories are just a hobbyist interest att his point.

Writing is just a fraction of that identity though.  I grew up in the birth of console gaming.  I’ve owned Atari, every main Nintendo Console, playstations 1 and 2, xbox and xbox one.  Gaming isn’t as much a part of my life as it used to be, even through WoW play, which once consumed a large portion of my time, has all but ended(I may play a future expansion, but I don’t miss it).  I have most of the Final Fantasy series through Steam which I may play from time to time.  Something that I can pick up for nostalgia more than anything, remembering the stories that helped influence the ones above in some fashion.

Something I’ve always enjoyed, is building stuff for others to use in which to learn.  I have done it for at least two different jobs.  I’ve since found that trying to build learning material, helps reinforce concepts as well.  Hopes for this is in tandem with screen captures video tutorial that would go on youtube, based around any topic I’m learning at a given time.  In my case, as it stands now would be the beginning of tutorials for Linux Essentials Certification, LPIC 1/Linux + Certification/ A+ Certification, BASH Scripting and C Programming.  There is no time line for these, but I hope they will at least work out to be something that could be used on one of the many open courseware sites, which is something we at zemation truly believe is one of the best things available on the internet.

The original intent of the blog idea of this website was the be more political in the world.  As I have gotten older, I find myself caring less about sharing my opinions, or debating others about them.  I also feel that there is enough people saying things similar to what I may, I will add things as I see necessary or as I feel the desire.  I find myself, not identifying with the identity politic culture we live in, whether its from the right or the left and simply seek to live from day to day, trying to enjoy life and learn more things using the forementioned open courseware.

What does all this mean and why did I feel I needed to put it here?  Because this site is seldom updated but still remains a big part of my identity.  The world we live in it’s important to have an identity that is you when there is a lot of bots or disposable avatars or whatever.  I have spent the better part of a decade trying to fill a self imagined niche in various areas instead of just trying to put myself on the web.  So thats what zemation is and always should have been.  It’s me.  It’s the pieces of me: past, preset and future.  It’s me giving what I can.  It’s memoirs of a life long past, and life yet to live.  This is my Digital Revolution.

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