Linux Academy

Linux Academy is the foremost online Linux and cloud training platform and community.

The Linux Academy was founded on the belief that providing high-quality, in-depth training should be available at an affordable price. We’re industry leaders in quality training, provided services, and student certification passes. Our goal is to change lives by teaching Linux and cloud technology to the tens of thousands of students that learn at the Linux Academy.

Now that they have told you about themselves with the above, allow us a moment to tell you about our experience with them.  One of primary offerings of their subscription is 6 on demand virtual servers that can be created and destroyed at your discretion.  These virtual servers can be spun up with the click of a button, using different distributions and some that are configured for specific functions like puppet or chef.

There are full courses for several certifications, starting with Linux Essentials for example, which we attained after our experience and understanding gained from using their course material in tandem with their virtual Linux Essentials virtual image.  The courses for these certifications follow guidelines based on the certification providers listed course objectives, but they do not by any means skim the surface.  They encourage you to not just understand the objectives, but to make sure you know the concepts behind them.  The 30 or so courses, under the Linux header, cover from Linux Essentiels, to the LPIC 1 and 2 exams, Linux Foundation Certifications, and introduction into different technologies for databases, mysql and postgres, and even programming, into to ruby and python and in depth bash scripting.

These courses delve into other areas as well, which are worth checking including hours of information on: Amazon Web Services, OpenStack or Azure.   There are quick one off course, and learning paths which are groups of course for specific learning.  They also have labs, which are basically ands on scenarios to help you get the real hands on experience.

We however want you to go there and get a feel for what they offer and so do they, and you can get the first week free.

While we have spent a lot of time going through the lecture part of these courses and spending time trying to build an openstack platform locally to spin up machines for learning more in depth parts of the topics, the following is a list of the completed courses through Linux Academy.

Cloud Essentials
DevOps Essentials
AWS Concepts

Entry Level Linux System Administrator (A learning path of several courses)

Linux Essentials
LPIC 101 /102
Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator
Mastering the Command Line
Vim – The Improved Editor
The System Administrator’s Guide to Bash Scripting

Openstack Essentials 2014 – legacy
Openstack Essentails 2017 – refresher

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