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We provide world-class training for IT professionals through a comprehensive video library that contains thousands of videos on hundreds of IT topics. Our training covers top IT vendors including Amazon, Cisco, CompTIA, Google, ITIL®, Microsoft, Palo Alto, VMware, and more. We also offer project management, office productivity, and end-user training.

CBT Nuggets provides accurate, up-to-date training, using a relaxed whiteboard presentation style. Our training content is delivered through high-quality online streaming video or offline via our mobile apps. Subscribers can train 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

CBT Nuggets trainers have real-world experience and certification expertise that makes them rock stars of IT training. They’ve earned industry-wide credibility through their training and publications. Our trainers work hard to create training that is engaging, reflects their humor, and prepares learners for success both in earning IT certifications and in applying new skills and knowledge in the real world. They love to teach and it shows!

CBT Nuggets CEO and founder, Dan Charbonneau, began his IT training career by providing training for Microsoft products. He wanted to help provide large organizations, small teams, and individuals with comprehensive, affordable training. Dan realized that couldn’t be accomplished in a classroom environment. Recognizing the power and opportunity that video-based training offered, Dan recorded our very first training videos in the 1990s.

From the CBT Nuggets headquarters in Eugene, Oregon, Dan and the team work to continually improve the learning experience of IT professionals. CBT Nuggets is committed to providing training content that is informative, comprehensive, accurate, and fun to watch!

You can definitely understand that there is a price difference between cbt nuggets and linux academy, know there is also a difference in the offerings.  While Linux Academy definitely delves into linux and associated technologies,  CBT nuggets offers more with other ones such as CISCO and Microsoft.   We recommend that you know what it is you are looking to learn before choosing a path.

Through an employer I had access to the courses here for a few years and here is a list of all the courses I completed in that time.

A + 220-901 (First got in 2000, but used as a refresher)
A + 220-902 (First got in 2000, but used as a refresher)

CentOS System Administrator Prep

IPv4 Subnetting
Network +

Linux Essentials
LPIC-1 / Linux +
LPIC-101 / LPIC 102
LPIC 201 / LPIC 202
Ubuntu Server

Puppet Fundamentals

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