Back to the Future

When I look back on my life there’s only a few things that I hold dear or consider an achievement.  I keep myself a simple person with a simple plan trying to simple things.  I wanted my professional life to fall into that category as well.  Falling in line with my recent reflection posts, that consist of my initial training and education in the computer field, I have tried to stay in the field to some degree since.

After Job Corps, I worked doing support for MSN internet customers.  With a couple non tech jobs that pushed me to leave Missouri, I worked for the local computer shop in King City, CA, Digital Services.  For now we are going to classify that as my time there and explain later.  Moving back to UT though for the most part has been consistent.  Dell support to Adobe Sales to iToK to Bluehost.

To this day, Bluehost has been my home and new standard as the longest job I’ve ever held.  To me thats a testament to the distance I’ve come.  Five years I’ve had this job, like all the rest not only improving my skillset, but moving up in the company.  Today I’m a step away from a Linux System Administrator.  Today I’ve learned that sometime within the next 9 months, I will be given a 60 day notice before my job is moved to another location and I get a severence package.  I’ve been happy here.  For the most part I feel I’ve been taken care of even if its not to the degree many think my position there deserved.

I believe there is still a bit of shock that has yet to clear my system over this though.  I actually loved my job and it had become more than a job.  It was what one wanted, it was a career and the important part of it was the growth potential.  In some ways, which I will also get into later, while I could have progressed further more than I have at this point, that’s due to my own inherent laziness and interest in multiple areas.  I may slow down in my post in various locations due to the current single panic I have now in filling in those gaps of knowledge that I have neglected for the last couple years.

Looking through my feed on facebook though one thing I notice is that everybody I think loved the company, they hated the parent company.  There was a sort of bond I feel I develop with many of the people I have worked with over the years.  That is often the hardest part about moving on from any job and will be in this case as well, but luckily with todays technology I have most of them on social media. When Dell outsourced, it was sad.  Other jobs I have been the one to leave.  Bluehost is almost devastating due to my role, my happiness and my comfort.

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