Level Up

Sometimes you have to make a decision that changes the course of your life.  Unless you believe in fate or destiny or something.  While I don’t, there are things that make me wonder.  I may have said that I come from a low income family.   Not one that I would ever trade.  After high school, the cost of college was improbable and lack of transportation was a reality.

With limited options I opted for the best one I had at the time.  A few years prior my cousin had went to Utah to learn at the Clearfield Job Corps Center.  A trade school that was funded by the Department of Labor and operated by the Management and Training Corporation.  For the most part touch found people that were low income and in some cases court ordered.

While did I bring up fate? Consider that where I’m at in life, living even now in Utah Valley, with my wife and children, all of which never would have happened had my cousin not went there.  I never would have even known of the place.  The office that did the enlisting, only showed the one in Utah as one with Computer Repair.  There were other ones, so even with my cousin going to Utah there were other ones to go to yet what I wanted was only at this one.  All roads pointed to Salt Lake City.

So I finished out the summer and into October and caught a plane.  October 13, 1998.  In truth it was sad and exciting at the same time.  I was leaving everything I had ever known.  Most of my life up into that point was in Lafayette County.  I had never been on a plane or really outside the Kansas City area but three times I think.  Once we took a school trip in sixth grade to Jefferson City.  Once, the yearbook and newspaper team took a trip to Jostens in Topeka and once we took trip to Branson one night because a friend locked himself out of his house and was bored.

From Kansas City International to Salt Lake International is a pretty casual trip when straight through.  Having very little idea of where to go I followed the signs to baggage where there were already other students being rounded up by current students which volunteered to help with orientation. Which is what you came to know your group as, your orientation.  We were shoved on a bus where for the most part I barely talked or didn’t all.   They took us to a pizza place where we actually got a bit of information about what to do when we arrived at the center. By the time we got there is was exhausted and was put into my room which would be mine for the next couple years.

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