Where is my mind?

January 27, 2017 zemation 2

My mind is constantly working.  I often wish I could give it a rest, but it won’t.  It will keep working until I burn myself […]

LPIC – 1 / Linux +

January 26, 2017 zemation 0

You are now familiar with Linux.  Where to go?  Most strive for a career in the System Administration Field.  In order to be considered qualified […]

Back to the Future

January 20, 2017 zemation 1

When I look back on my life there’s only a few things that I hold dear or consider an achievement.  I keep myself a simple […]

Linux Essentials

January 12, 2017 zemation 0

If you are new to Linux, or even new to computers, Linux can seem like a very daunting undertaking. Windows has dominated the market and […]