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Today I took the boys to see Rogue One.  A lot of brilliant cinematic choices were made but don’t worry this is by no means a spoiler filled review.  In fact it has little to do with it at all.  This has more to do with a personal feeling.

I previously mentioned my time in tabletop would soon come but we’re going to touch on it a bit early.  The first time I ever through dice was star wars. In 1999 it was the rulebook put out by West end games, which a part of me still feels like it’s the most well balanced system I have played.

There was a lot about the expanded universe I didn’t know at that time but the ones I played with got me up to speed without really trying.  While I played a template, slightly customized of the quixotic jedi, there really weren’t classes or clans or other tropes like you may find in dungeons and dragons.  It was a game of freedom.  You made a character that had skills in their preferred areas.

This is where rogue one took me.  Back to this time seventeen years ago.  The way the story rolls out, and people come together gave me a feeling of a tabletop story unraveling before my eyes.  To this day I have yet to play or run a game like those back in this time.

What it brought me too was 2016 and then 2014.  Because two of the players in that game have left this world now.  It was them, the gobs, that introduced me to star wars truly.  It is rogue one that carries that on, and I wish they could have been here to see it and if they could have to know they thought back on that game as I did.

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