Through it all I still look back on these years with fondness.  The boy that lived through them, while unrecognizable now, was a stronger foundation for the man today than I would have thought until recently.

He had a good family, he had good friends that one he has seen from afar go through addiction but today is a strong and loving father.  He had crushes like any teenager that was important to feel something and channel it into poems he wrote at that time.

He played games and watch shows that helped kindle a spark of creativity.  Time as an editor on a yearbook that fostered a desire to belong even if it wasn’t in Missouri. The time it took to realize that this wasn’t his life and staying would get him nothing.  Fear of nothing drove the desire to move forward and try something new, to break out of the confines of rural Missouri.

I can look back and say that the family I have, and those that I grew up with through to graduation would not know the person who writes this now.  I’m glad to have known that dead man, without him I wouldn’t be here.  Say what you want, but knowing who you were may be a memory, but seeing who you become is a choice based on who you are.

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