What I briefly remember of my young years, has become a haze.  WN-R9 school is a K-12 and at the time most grades had approximately 25-30 students and likely you were going to be in class with those same people you started Kindergarten with, all the way until your high school graduation.

For the most part, as far as childhood in elementary school goes, I remember being the nerd, outcast.  The most I remember from the first couple years, was being there.  I believe it was second grade when, that which was my best friend through school.  This was based on a history of our mother’s friendship.

A large part of this was talking about TV shows/cartoons, movies and you guessed it, Nintendo Games.  In many ways there was a sort of competition that was unspoken and actually was a good way for us to challenge ourselves without it ever really escalating.

Aside from that, a lot of time was spent with cousins.  To get a clear understanding, my mother’s parents had thirteen children and from them, I had thirty-three cousins.  In my childhood, it was frequent that much of the family, as two of my uncles lived in the same small town and an aunt that atone point lived in a nearby town, would converge on my grandparents house.

Growing up, this meant that many of my cousins had a relationship that was borderline sibling, just because of how close we were to each other.   Now, in retrospect, I rarely see or speak to any of them, except for the advent of social media.  Now its a passing comment on a random facebook post or in some cases a drunken phone call.

My grandparents home, was the perfect location for us the converge however.  Part way down a country dirt road, there was a lot of space that consisted of an area where we played kickball or baseball and that was just the beginning.  On the south side of the land was a hill that my grandfather brought out the tractor frequently to keep it clean of plantlife.  What did this mean for kids?  A hill, of dirt, to play on, all the time.

Immediately behind this hill of infinite playtime, was an expansive wooded area that went on for several square miles.  As you continued down the dirt road, that ran along the railroad tracks, you would cross an old bridge that went over a small creek that was also across from a small trail into a different area of the woods that lead to a natural spring and than on down to where it ended at the Missouri River.

I wasn’t the most popular at school and through high school that was not forgotten by those that went there, on numerous occasions.  I don’t say this due to a grudge nor do even think about it anymore.  This is informational cause as I’ve already said, that person, that lived through this time, died along time ago.    Between cousins, best friend and video games, the first years of my life were basically the same.  Until, junior high, where changing mentalities changed behaviors.

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