Let’s try to go back as far as I can remember which is really only vague flashes of memories.  I once had the start of this all spelled out on Geocities, once upon a time in the youth of the Internet, when that was still a thing.  Unfortunately I missed notifications that the service had ended before I was able to obtain a backup.

As far as growing up as a kid, I don’t have too many complaints that I can think of with family.  I remember spending the night with one cousin, which is where I was introduced to my real passion, the Nintendo Entertainment System.

While it does go back further with the Atari 2600 and the likes of Pac-Man and Pitfall. The NES and after the SNES as sad as one might find it were one of my best friends growing up next to Chris and even one of the common threads of our friendship.  Any game I play today must measure up to the Super Nintendo and they are exponentially more powerful and realistic than any game then could have been.

Napoleon Missouri had a park that for the longest time had a merry go round and a basketball court and a large enough open area for other activities.  Aside from that there was little else.  Between the SNES, the Genesis and at one point the N64 and Playstation One.

What  kept me glued to the screen more than anything was two primary series: Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda.   At one point my future path was set and me and those that were friends in that small town had started our own story.   The Legend of the Sacred Sword which at this point has long been scrapped and has grown into Seeds of Aether, but that’s a story for another day. I also don’t know whatever happened to Jake’s own work, Death Omega Saga.

At home when games weren’t the center of my time I played a lot with cousins and card games and TV with the family.  Aside from the fact that we had a cat, this was my life in a town of 208 people.

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