My name is ….what?

Recently, I’ve been trying to explain to my wife, with what I believe to end on a failure of my own, what I think is likely that proverbial mid life crisis. Verbally, it’s sometimes hard for me to express the more serious side of myself, where written word the words tend to flow.

Lets first understand that I first would find myself dividing up the whole of my life divided into two parts, splitting my thirty six years in half, before and after eighteen, or close to those marks. Perhaps we should just mark it on September  13, 1998. It was on that day that i left, the only think I had ever known. Today, that person that existed then is dead. Of course we all change, and things in our life make us change or force us to become different versions of ourselves.

The person that existed on the mentioned date, is dead. He died a long time ago. There is a reason I adopted the idea of the mythological phoenix and today the person that was born from the ashes I think is a more well rounded, intelligent, independent person than he ever could have been there. This is important to the future of Zemation itself. The rebranding has moved forward and the logos will be updating with the transition from Zemation, to Zemation Studios to embody more the idea of trying to create entertaining content that will try to be more consistent.

It’s also why blog posts from the main site have been moved here. This is now the personal blog of the zemation network. It’s important for me to reflect on the person I was, am and the differences between. Even the understanding who I was, who I am and who I plan to be. Here you get a look into me, the things I can remember, the joy and the pain.

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