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This honestly has to be some of the most outrageous regurgitation I’ve read in a while.  I prefer people to be objective and be able to form their own opinions, but I also would ask when they do that to please remember that the world may not conform to the fascist ideas that you may adhere to.  While you sit back in judgement of artistic creation that in all honestly, is completely over thought, you very noticably look at this from your singular biased perspective and refuse to open yourself to the concept of some of the more noticable basics of the show.  Sadly, I’m feel I’m belittling myself by even commenting on the concept of this but sometimes obvious stupidity should be stopped.

I like that it begins disagreeing with the fact that Zoe calls Mal ‘Sir’.  Thank you so much for belittling the basic structure of all military service.  It’s comforting to know that you have taken such a simple concept and basically turned it into a sexist and racist thing.

The scene in which they are breaking the cargo out of the derelict and he tells her to shut up.  We go straight to him being manly and only briefly go over the concept that he was panicky and maybe he didn’t really want to think about it.  Also, we go into the concept that Serenity is in fact Mal’s ship.  Zoe is his Second in Command and therefore calling him sir is nothing more then addressing the superior officer on the ship.  That’s not Sexism there Barbie, thats protocol.

While you skip pass the backstory that does in fact come throughout the entire series you neglect to mention that in a lot of ways Zoe is Mal’s rock and in a lot of ways his Jiminy Cricket.  Also there’s a point there that although she knows some of his orders are stupid, they make it clear that while she don’t agree with it, the protocol she accepts, because really both of them are holding on to the war that was lost, is that she has decided to travel with him on the ship and in making that decision, agreeing to his order’s on his ship is basically more protocol, not Sexism.

When it comes to the episode War Stories, they are not fighting over the body of a woman.  That’s totally retarded given the fact that a their not talking about sex with the woman, this is more about Wash wanting his wife and Mal not wanting to lose his best friend.  Yes, his best friend and most trusted confidant.  Especially since you completely fail to mention that that same episode brings out the leader in Zoe, who was in charge because she was, second in command, therefore we are back  to rank again, and the fact that it brought her and her husband closer together.

Kaylee is overall a cheerful person.  She is sort of like a light on the ship.  And while you are failing to see humor in Duct tape her mouth and dump her in the hold, thats because you may possibly be reading slightly too much into it.  It’s not a show of manly superiority, and its not meant as degrading to women.  In fact, it was more of a compliment in a round about fashion.  It, to me, was nothing more then their way of joking saying she was too cheery and not meant in a bad way.  I’m sorry people have to make it out to be more and use the term rapist/fucker to try and enhance a point that isn’t there.

Let’s ignore the fact for a minute that this is a story based hundreds of years in our future and that the society is somewhat different then the world you know.  Oh wait, you’ve been doing that the whole post.  Inara in every sense of the concept is a very strong, independent young woman.  What surprises me most is that while we live in a world where prositution is most often looked down on in our time there is a twist in this story where, while I understand your blatant disgust, is nothing like our modern prostitution.  You’re taking one concept out of the show and even turning it into Joss Whedon’s whole idea of love requires female powerlessness as “obvious.”  While I agree with you, just because you take it, wrap a pretty bow on it and try to use it in a new way, it still is, at it’s core, prostitution.  However, women have in this time taken something that was primarily looked down on, deplorable and they had turned it into something empowering.  Too me it sounds like you actually trying to compare the image of the ‘companion’ to that of a modern day crack whore.  While in itself the ‘companions’ do bascially bring themselves down for sex, it is quite important to note that Inara does but then be a ‘fuck toy’ as you so dilligently phrased it.  It’s even pointed out that while she would not offer her services to the crew what she did for Shepard Book was something completely different.  That interaction had nothing to do with her being a ‘companion.’  While in fact she more then likely was using some of her finely tuned skills from the ‘academy’ what she offered to Shepard Book was friendship.  So hear you can sit back and judge the ‘companion’ entertaining that you treat the character as nothing but a whore, and basically say each of her actions she only does because she is.

Yes we are, as viewers, quite aware of the dick the Mal can be.  He doesn’t hide it.  His breaking of Inaras rules is blatantly dickish and a huge disregard to her contract.  This doesn’t mean he’s enforcing his testosterone on over her poor little feminine wilds.  No, it means he’s a dick.  You take away the regard that Inara is given because she doesn’t act in accordance with your wishes.  Just because she doesn’t lay into Mal when he calls her a whore doesn’t mean she’s not upset.  She was showing courtesy in front of book that Mal wasn’t, in turn showing that she was the better person.  A lot of the interaction between the two, as you so notably left out, is the unspoken affection between the two.  Both of them live lifestyles the other is not appreciative of and both of them show it too each other all the time.  She does the same in telling him he’s a petty thief in a later episode.  You must have missed that exchange.

Did you seriously count the number of times men spoke as opposed to the times women spoke?  I honestly about fell out of my chair laughing at the unbelievable lengths you’re going to to make such an asinine point that is largely exaggerated.  Omg I can’t believe you’ve taken this to sexism, racism and even homoeroticism.  I really think somebody has an unfulfilled life.

Feel free to write more though, I’m always interested in seeing how much people can blow things out of proportions.

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