Operation New Genesis: gen·e·sis ˈjenəsəs/ noun – the origin or mode of formation of something.

What this means in regards to Zemation is the new beginning.  It’s always been a page for me to vent and rant.  I have reached a point in my life where that time is over.  Even when it was a life, it was on its last leg, as articles were done once every year or year and a half.  This was a waste of resources.  I’ve never fully been happy with Zemation and the content within, or I grow bored of an idea or even hate myself for not supplying enough content.  Truth be told that may never change.  I’ve always been a person with many ideas and not enough time. As you will slowly see things pop up, I’ve used the personal blog that I have set up to recently come to realizations of myself and what this site should be.  While not all of the pieces have fallen in to place yet, I should let this page just be a foundation for me a reflection of my thoughts, a list of my skills and more.  Digital Me.

Who am I?  A quick summary from my Twitter account: husband, father, lazy idealist, lifelong gamer, writer in progress, computer professional, internet junky, political independent and proponent of open course ware.  So I’m happy to break this down a little.

Simply but, my family is the most important part of my life: my wife, who no matter how many times we may be different, we seem to just fit.  My children, whom I get to shape to people that I believe will be a better person than I.  I don’t believe in just being their parent, I am also their friend, their mentor, their caretaker and their arbitrator of doom.

By lazy idealist, I hope that it is self explanatory, but for me it’s about having ideas on everything, without the work.  I am from the generation in which computers really became household items.  I have grown there so many different stages of the internet.  I have had this site take on various forms of blogging and forums to now, where that is reserved for social media, which is where that idealist exist, which is why it’s lazy.  This kind of covers the internet junky, but fails to include such things as reddit, imgur, etc.

I have been playing video games since the Atari 2600, I’ve grown with Nintendo from the NES to the Switch.  I have played on various consoles and the PC.  From Super Mario Brothers – Destiny 2 and World of Warcraft in between.  Gaming is an escape.  As a kid it was always about disappearing to a world where I was the hero.  The world needed me.  Whether it was Final Fantasy or Goldeneye.

Playing in those world led to the young, naive idea that it would be an easy task to create my own games.  The story of “Legend of the Sacred Sword” was born, but has long since been retired and morphed into a literary work of what I would like to consider “High Fantasy” in the works.  Writing for me started out as angst ridden poetry of adolescence, but is now more of a passion to tell stories.  Those stories are still in the planning and crafting stages, but not forgotten.

I find myself to be more of a pragmatist, less of the concepts of liberal or conservatives.  I’m not going to really get into all of my political beliefs just know that I feel like I believe there are certain ideas from both sides of the spectrum that have merit and value and as a country, we have decided that party is far more important than party or morality.

Open course ware.  One of the most wonderful things about the internet as we know it.  I’ve always loved the internet for the power it has in sharing information, but over the last few years I’ve started seeing that having more of a presence.  There are sites, where you can access and learn from college level material for free.  There are others that may have a cost, but the idea is still the same.  Education at anybodies finger tips with the hopes of learning something you’ve always wanted to learn, or even improve your knowledge in your current field.

I have been working with computers and related technologies for 20 years.  From gaining my A+ certification, working with Windows and Hardware, to working with Linux.  Now a Junior Linux Administrator always looking to improve my skill set in Information Technology and Computer Sciences.

Linux Operating Systems
Windows Operating Systems
Secure SHell (SSH)
Web Engines: Apache/Nginx
Mail Technologies: Postfix/Sendmail/Exim/Courier/Dovecot
Networking, DHCP and IPv4 Subnetting
Windows Firewall and Linux IPTables
Amazon Web Services


A + (CompTIA Certified Computer Technician)
LPI Linux Essentials Certification


As mentioned before, this site has gone through many changes, but as it is, I truly believe I’m happy with it.  It represents me.  Again, it’s my Digital DNA: Binary Me.  What can you find here though.

Find information on the history of the story that has turned into Seeds of Aether, as well as the characters and cities that make up this fantasy world.  Learn about the space journeys of Captain Smith, Galactic Special Forces as he hunts down a traitor to the Galactic Federation and threatens all life with a deadly weapon.  Follow the fate of a group of survivors through the ruined streets of New York as a war between heaven and hell destroys all around them.

All the the fore mentioned things are reduced to occasional hobbies and have to take a back seat to other things in life such as the skills needed to actually grow in my career which is in the information technology field.  I always feel like I’ve learned so much and also that there is still so much to learn.  I had to learn from somewhere though and to be honest, college wasn’t the path for me.  There are resources online that I have used however, in conjunction with each other, and practicing on my own as well as on the job.  I’m will present to you the resources I used and information on where to find them on the Linux Operating system and inclusive technologies that can help them not only understand, but use and administer, web servers, san storage and cloud technologies, databases, dns configuration, mail servers and more.

Do you remember being young and having the idea of what you want to do when you grow up.  For us, it was video games.  Not just any.  We were fans of the jRPG style games released in that era like Final Fantasy, Lufia, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, Super Mario RPG, Dragon Quest and Soulblazer to name a few of an ever growing list of individual stories that represent the best in the genre.  As I make time I will slowly be building a world with in RPG Maker and progress for that will be slow but will continued to be updated per project.

From reviews of things that influenced me growing up, the games I played, the movies and shows I watched, and in one case, the man who wrote them and tributes to those writers.  Along with looking to fill a need to write about things that are going on in the world, from my stance, based on my experiences, in the form of a “political essay.”

I don’t remember what my initial site was supposed to be. I started by making it forums for a Final Fantasy XI Online LinkShell.  Since then the idea has grown. That idea is about thinking for yourself and being able to express yourself freely without fear of persecution. A place to also come to learn freely.  In the passing years it has been forums, blog, moodle install, joomla install, drupal install, dolphin install and years later re-settled on wordpress.  But I’m glad you’re here in it’s present format.  Where you can see works in progress, or blogs of reflection and thoughts.


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