• Infinity Divided

    During the old republic, a dark wielder of the force was in charge of a mining operation on a remote planet. Gwen Soren had her […]

  • Heaven’s Key

    It is said that the universe was created during the big bang.  That it is ever expanding albeit slowly over the trillions of years of […]

  • Conversation with God

    I sat in the waiting room tapping my foot with anticipation.  How many opportunities does one get.  I was meeting my maker.  I can’t deny […]

  • Echo of Aether

    So what is “Echo of Aether.” For me it’s work of love, to put it simply. For me it’s heartache and frustration, of having a […]

  • C Programming

    With a long history, C programming can be found in a wide variety of technologies.  Originally developed in Bell Labs in the late 1960s and […]

  • CBT Nuggets

    We will let them tell you themselves. Our Story CBT Nuggets offers self-paced, online training for IT professionals that is informative, meaningful, and engaging. We […]

  • Linux Academy

    Linux Academy is the foremost online Linux and cloud training platform and community. The Linux Academy was founded on the belief that providing high-quality, in-depth […]

  • LPIC-2

    You now have the skills needed to administer servers and computers running the Linux Operating System.  However in this day in age these systems are […]

  • LPIC – 1 / Linux +

    You are now familiar with Linux.  Where to go?  Most strive for a career in the System Administration Field.  In order to be considered qualified […]


If it’s true that our species is alone in the universe, then I’d have to say that the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little.