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The World is on Fire

Posted by on Jun 13, 2014

I wouldn’t call myself arrogant in my earlier outspokenness against global warming.  At the time it seemed arrogant to think that a world that has lasted through billions of...

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Somewhere over the Rainbow

Posted by on Jun 2, 2014

The main promise being in America is that there should be a level of equality in things.  As an independent nation, we still seem to have an issue with this concept almost 250...

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Where at least I know I’m free

Posted by on Jul 5, 2014

The first amendment.  A doctrine that once designated our freedom to practice our own religious belief and speak our mind freely.  Today it has become the scape goat of the legal...

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Freedom is another word

Posted by on Jun 4, 2014

The Internet.  It has taken our dependence on computers and technology to the next level.  In many ways it has become the life blood of many peoples existence.  The last tool for...

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Why is the rum gone….

Why is the rum gone….

Aug 10, 2014

In case you were wondering, while I had said I plan on posting here more, the reason that hasn’t been happening is studying.  I’ve almost finished my first run through Robb Tracy’s LPIC-1/CompTIA Linux+ Certification Book.  I have also went through LFS101 offered through http://www.edx.org.  It was a study at your own pace course which started on August 1st and I have since went through the entire course twice and scored 100% on their final.  While the class offered a lot of good information and helped catapult me higher than I was when I started it, I do feel the final was lacking in testing knowledge in comparison to what it offered.

Needless to say, aside from running a Pathfinder Campaign, and the mass amounts of studying my time has been relatively pre-occupied.  I have decided, aside from home computer for gaming, I’m pretty done with Windows in general.  I’m learning that Linux in itself is not difficult.  While it may take a lifetime to master, it is easy to pick up and go and is much more versatile in system control.  This is my geek showing really.  It’s been a while since I’ve been interested enough in something to sit down and study it.  Even with pathfinder most of it is glancing at a few things and winging a session.  Which in many ways may work for me and my players, does occasionally hit a snag on not being fully adherent to the core rules.

So if you do follow this digital journal of what has been come to be called as bobsopinion.com, I apologize for the lack of updates and do hope to be more consistent than I have been,  But aside from Pathfinder and Linux, there is a wife and two wonderful children that are catered to first and foremost.

Life, the Universe and ……..

Life, the Universe and ……..

Jul 13, 2014

Recently I shared the following picture through Facebook.  It was unappreciated by one of the last people I expected and brought us to a debate on the origins of life.  The problem was the picture, in my mind wasn’t about the actual idea if the universe was created in a big bang and evolution or if it was the master blueprint of an all powerful being.  1656232_591629587590571_380543017_n

It was never about saying there is no God.  The problem that I have, is what I see as ridiculous claims of the bible and many other religions.  What makes it worse isn’t even the doctrine itself but the way its followers pick and choose what they want to believe as it benefits them.  In some cases the bible should be taken literally and in other cases its parables in which we are to learn ways to live our life.

What it has come down to for me is I don’t know how life and the universe came from.  My life is a spiritual journey and  I hope by the time it’s over I have found the answers.  If not, perhaps there will be an after life to shed light on the purpose of it all.  If there is a supreme being I expect that when that time comes he will know I have tried my hardest to live a good life and be the best person I can be.  Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING, has been proven about the truth of life and the universe.

It’s commonly said that without god there would be no morality which is one of those beliefs I have come to  think is one of the most selfish beliefs out there.  Why is it possible that men and woman are able to reach morality with religion but not without.  I don’t understand how we can live in a time where those who don’t believe live more ‘devout’ lives than practitioners do and justify this this line of thinking.  Or how many books of the bible justify stoning women, endorses slavery and seems likely a prehistoric grimms fairy tail.  I also see no reason that any God that did exist would set forth any scripture other than the basics.  Eating meat on a friday seems like something an all powerful being wouldn’t be petty enough to enforce or even set into rules to live by.

Nor do I think any would be omnipresence would ever justify murder because of disagreements on the deeper meaning of parables or even because of a different belief in his existence.   Killing infidels, crusading against other religions and so many other things seem like they would be unimportant to a bing that created so many stars and planets and galaxies in the universe.   Throughout all of it out little old planet being the only one we know of that supports life and has billions of lifeforms all working in balance.

Now, lets think about something for a moment.  Say there was no God, and the universe started with a big bang.  It has been said that many of the fundamental aspects to justify the big bang rest on things like dark matter, which we have never witnessed.  I’m not claiming anything is true and I question everything, but the questions I seek are ones that don’t make sense.  When Bill Nye debated Ken Hamm it was clear at the end though that Ken was the underdog.   Bill Nye has become an outspoken front runner in support of science and observable life.

Let’s be honest though.  We know that the beginning of life is not proven in any manner.    If there is one thing that has been proven it is that humankind is a partial failure.  Turn on the news, scroll through your social media feed, watch TV.  We have become obsessed with the shortcomings of others and fail to see our own.  Narcotics, alcohol, prescriptions and so many other things we use to kill the pain of living.

We don’t have equality and we have racism and sexism, homophobia and religion, where so many people are discriminated against because they aren’t like us, when the fundamentally wonderful aspect of human kind is our diversity.  It’s time we start focusing on ourselves and what we can do to bring humanity together and less about others and keep in mind only the certain fundamentals.  Be Excellent to Each Other.

Where at least I know I’m free

Where at least I know I’m free

Jul 5, 2014

The first amendment.  A doctrine that once designated our freedom to practice our own religious belief and speak our mind freely.  Today it has become the scape goat of the legal landscape and tool that to be exploited by any two bit asshole who thinks his beliefs should override the rights of another.    However its a tricky situation, with the current ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby over certain drugs they must provide.  Basically we are granting corporations freedom of religion now.  This opens a lot of doors for further lawsuits that are in the grand scheme of equality will do just the opposite.

The laws in this country should be built with one fundamental point in their construction.  All men and women are created equal.  We should never give corporations freedom of religion.   As they are an idea and non living being with no ability to pray or worship a set religious belief.  Those that own an organization are welcome to believe whatever they want and practice whatever they want.  No single persons religious belief should ever hold more sway than anybody elses and the practice of those religious beliefs should never impact the rights of anybody else.  Currently jihadists kill every day in the name of a religion.  Crusaders killed in the name of God.  There has never been enough proof of any omnipotent being that has been enough to justify the passages in a book as adequate reasoning for taking the life of another person.

Murder and genocide are easy enough to understand that in the overall human scope, should never be acceptable based no matter what your religious belief is.  Freedom of religion does not outweigh another persons right to live under any circumstance.  This is a double edged sword though.  A corporation does what to present a specific image to it’s target audience and are allowed to fire people based on comments they may have made on social media sites.  The underlying fact is we try to run a business and hire people who adhere to a certain set of ideas and do not wish to be associated with elements contrary to that list.

Should, for example, an LDS bookstore be allowed to fire a Satanist just because they do not share the same belief structure.   Should a Christian bakery be allowed to deny service to a gay couples wedding.  Should Hobby Lobby be able to deny birth control because that type of birth control is against their religion.  There is a group of people out there that will distort the truth, and try to convince you that there is a war on Christianity.   This isn’t the case nor has it ever been.  This is a fight for equality.  It is the reality of the situation that Christianity is becoming a minority in this country.   That long held beliefs are spreading and no longer the social norm and instead of accept the equality of others, some have tried to turn it into a holy persecution.

This is one of the actual inconsistencies that need to be corrected.  I’m not here to persecute anybody for their beliefs, I may strongly disagree with them, but I do not under any circumstance believe that Christians should not be allowed to practice their faith.  However, if you want to discriminate against those who do not practice the same beliefs you do, thats where you should be shot down.  The rights of another outweigh your personal religion.  That is a fact, not an opinion.  It seems like this country chooses to look into the faults of others more than the faults of themselves.

Should we allow corporations, again clarified as non living entities, to discriminate on religious values we open a flood gate that will take us back to an era of segregation.   What it comes down to, is all living people in this country are afforded the same rights and nobodies rights should outweigh those of another.  And religion of a person should not dictate the practices of a non living business where it affects the rights of another person.

The Light of a Friend

1607067_772195049469378_4763233832990144965_nIf there is one thing we hate to deal with, it’s the one thing nobody can escape in life.  Death.  Every man, woman and child will lose people around them that they love.  It is the single one thing that can cause people to evaluate their own life and see the changes they want to make.

Today I found out I lost an old friend.  I hadn’t talked to him in sometime and had the change recently, but due to budget constraints we decided not to drive the few hundred miles out of the way and followed our decided road map.  This was month and a half ago.  I’m fairly certain my visiting would not have done anything to change his fate.  Retrospectively it would have been nice to see him one last time.

I make no lies that growing up I was the geek.  The nerd.  I hold no grudges about any of that.  When I left home it is where I met the friends that I knew I would never forget, even if we don’t talk as much as we used to.  I was closeted, shelled and hid myself away.  It was the “gobs” that broke me out of that shell.  It was they that gave me a place to belong.  Each one of them played a pivotal role in me becoming who I am today.

In his case it was Steve, our King Lear.  He was socially awkward sometimes and unique in a positive way that nobody could ever match.  He could brighten a room just by being there.  It was something I have long since tried but even now it still requires some effort.  Steve could do it just by being here, just by being himself.  The are no words to really describe how much just being himself, helped me become a better person.    The world is may not understand the loss it suffered in July of 2014.

Rest In Peace Steve, the world may never know a more caring and kindly heart than yours.

The World is on Fire

The World is on Fire

Jun 13, 2014

I wouldn’t call myself arrogant in my earlier outspokenness against global warming.  At the time it seemed arrogant to think that a world that has lasted through billions of years of growth would be tarnished by a century of industrial growth.  I accept my own ignorance in that.  Scientist all over the world, people who study and understand the more detailed concepts of climate.  That was a failure of my own and more and more each day the facts about global warming are coming to light.  I do stand by the fact that our recorded history of observable temperature are not enough to give a complete account of the current climate shift.

Regardless of the actual evidence for or against global warming one fact remains.  The Earth is our home and we should be taking active measures to ensure that we are not dependent on oil and trees or polluting the ground with landfills and toxic disposal.  Or the ocean for that matter.  We should not use and abuse the resources available to us and should take affect steps now to ensure that our lifestyles and current level of technology work in balance with things not against them.


Global warming: the increase in Earth’s average surface temperature due to rising levels of greenhouse gases.

Climate change: a long-term change in the Earth’s climate, or of a region on Earth.

The conservatives of the contrary are hard up to deny that climate change is happening.  I’m sure it has nothing to do with the loss that could occur to the oil industry when we lose our dependency on it.  However it’s often said that you should be the change you want to see in the world.  Tesla Motors has taken that step.  Known for trying to accelerate the advent of sustainable transportation they have opened the doors so to speak to the rest of the world.   They have made it clear that their patents are open, open source style to help the world delve more into reducing our dependency on fossil fuels.

We believe that Tesla, other companies making electric cars, and the world would all benefit from a common, rapidly-evolving technology platform.

It’s a wonderful thing to know that this mindset exist.  The same thing you see with the Linux Operating System.  Yeah somebody created something but they didn’t stamp a patent on it and charge your salary to use it.  they gave it to the world to better us.  As it stands i still don’t have all the knowledge I should to say anything about climate change.  I do however know that I’m taking time to look at what is being said by those who know it and am starting to see the trend.   and the rabid jumps in those statistics seem to fall more in line with global industrial production more then they do the number of dolphin farts per hour.   So we think you Telsa, for risking your own foundation to help better the world in general.

Tesla Source

To Change the World, start with….

To Change the World, start with….

Jun 10, 2014

With any way of thinking there are many different degrees.  This is why we have republicans and democrats or the left and right as an example.  We have religion and those without religion.  We also have feminism and militant feminism.  We once commented on a blog written about the show Firefly written by a woman we would consider militant feminism.  This was a woman who was not open for formal discussion or the exchange of perspectives and if you didn’t agree with her you were wrong.  I get being firm in your beliefs but most of her own bs was contradictory.

Let’s look at this though.  What is feminism?  If we go with a standard definition with a quick google search it is :  the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.  We here fully support this.   There are extreme situations that we do concede that biology in itself has men and women genetically disposed to be better at certain things then others. That’s a discussion for another day.

“I believe that some colleges may potentially be afraid of having a bad reputation and that would be a reason it could be swept under the rug, because they don’t want that to come out into the public,”Nia Sanchez said. “But I think more awareness is very important so women can learn how to protect themselves. Myself, as a fourth-degree black belt, I learned from a young age that you need to be confident and be able to defend yourself. And I think that’s something that we should start to really implement for a lot of women.”

What the point of this article is that militant feminist have lashed out at the new Miss USA, Nia Sanchez for comments that women should learn self defense to help prevent rape.  Quickly turning the statement away from it’s intended context.   They attacked on the premise that she was blaming women for not knowing self defense as the reason why it happens.  Which is fucking stupid premise in the first place.   She wasn’t saying that all women learning self defense would suddenly end rape in the world.

There are sick fucking people in the world.   Murderers, Rapists, Pedophiles and many others that are going to be there regardless of self defense.  It’s a sad fact, but fact nonetheless.  It is a continual path that we walk to try to better the world and its not going to be over night.  Nor is having women take self defense classes placing any blame on them.  Rapist are responsible for their own actions.  Period.  However, it is more than opinion to note that, knowing we live in the world we do, all of us should understand that we need to take precautions to ensure our own safety as well.

To understand modern feminism, is to understand that most things accomplished in the world can be done equally via man or woman alike.   That women deserver recognition and equality in that very idea.  It’s not a matter of asking for more, just the same.   The same thing goes for men.  While documented cases of men being raped is drastically lower, self defense isn’t the cure for stopping it, but it can help prevent it.


Freedom is another word

Freedom is another word

Jun 4, 2014

The Internet.  It has taken our dependence on computers and technology to the next level.  In many ways it has become the life blood of many peoples existence.  The last tool for survival for numerous business that use it to reach a larger market of customers.  We share opinions, order pizza, post our opinions, watch videos, listen to music and even reach out and communicate with long lost friends.

Our ability to view the content we wish to is threatened by the very providers that connect us to the world wide web.  The problem there is we pay the ISP for certain speeds to access content which in theory would be where it would stop.  However, Netflix can account for 30% of North American traffic during peak times.  Internet providers claim that access to services like Netflix What the FCC just allowed is for ISP’s  to create a two tiered Internet.  This gives them control over what you watch to a point where the speed you pay for is irrelevant.  If companies like Netflix don’t pay ISPs for these “fast lanes” the service can be throttled.

Let’s give HBO’s beloved John Oliver a moment on the floor.

So what is net neutrality and what does it mean.

What is Net Neutrality?*

Net Neutrality is the Internet’s guiding principle: It preserves our right to communicate freely online. This is the definition of an open Internet.
Net Neutrality means an Internet that enables and protects free speech. It means that Internet service providers should provide us with open networks — and should not block or discriminate against any applications or content that ride over those networks. Just as your phone company cannot decide who you could call and what you say on that call, your ISP should not be concerned with what content you view or post online.


What was one of the major mis steps in this that pretty much gave providers freedom to throttle basically whatever they feel like?  In 2013 Tom Wheeler was appointed Chairman of the FCC by President Barack Obama.  Who is Tom Wheeler?   Former CEO of telecommunications company and active lobbyist for them and their pocket books.  In May, he put in place regulations that would allow everything else, the majority has expressed feelings against.

When an ISP, is free to charge services like Netflix for access to the “fast lanes” they will in turn transfer those fees to the end user.  This will mean Netflix will end up charging the end user more to access the content.  When that happens it means the FCC has put in regulations  that do not really protect the consumer, which in many ways is the idea behind the office.  Internet Service Providers at this point should be considered common carriers.

So to bring it down to the point is, Tom Wheeler is lining his pockets, instead of protecting the consumer and their own desires of a free and open internet.  And for that, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, we once again issue our “coveted” award.  For June 2014, you sir, can Eat a Dick.



The Home of the Brave

The Home of the Brave

Jun 3, 2014

We here at Zemation think you don’t have to believe in war to know that our troops deserve our respect, appreciation and admiration.  Men and women who believe in our freedom they put themselves in harms way on the front lines, thousands of miles from home; who don’t get to see their families for months or years sometimes.  War is Hell they say and with good reason it’s easy to understand why.  When you put yourself on the front lines of a war you do so knowing many things.  You may never see your family again.  You may have blood on your hands.  You may see your friends be injured physically or mentally or killed.  You do this for freedoms of your own friends and family that aren’t there.

When troops arrive home we should at least be able to guarantee them the health care they need.  It’s often seen that these men and women get the short end of the stick in return for what their job entails.  Dodging bullets and losing limbs apparently does not deserve as much money as sitting in Congress far from the front lines in secured buildings.  This is why we have the Department of Veteran Affairs.  Its primary function is to support Veterans in their time after service by providing benefits and support.  Last month it had been uncovered that at least 40 Armed Forces Veterans had died while waiting for care.

After a preliminary investigation it has been uncovered that the VA had two different waiting list.  The active reported waiting list and a “secret wait list.”  The true waiting list was the secret one.  Veterans were on that list until appointments were within a 14-30 window which was the reported wait list in order to show wait times were improving which they were not actually doing.   Arizona, it seems, is not the only VA hospital around the country guilty of this fraud.

It seems the government is beginning investigations into the situation. The Secretary of the VA, Eric Shinseki, who as of this righting has resigned his post has called this act indefensible as well. The director of the Phoenix hospital stated, “To think that any of us would do anything like that to harm any veteran for any financial reasons is very, very disturbing.”

As we stated before, we believe our armed services are basically shit on.  Our representatives in the upper echelons of government don’t really care for them.  Recently quoted by John Stewart.

“On this Memorial Day weekend eve, we can finally admit that America has had for over 200 years a great bipartisan tradition of honoring those who have fought for our freedom by fucking them over once they give their guns back,”

So from all of us here at Zemation, We wish to thank the men and women of our armed services.  The sacrifices you make and the courage and willpower you show every day deserves is appreciated.